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underbooked (and overlooked!)

Indeed, theoverbookedlibrarian is underbooked. That is to say, I am currently without occupation.

After finishing my MLIS program at the beginning of the summer, I began a job search that has yet to produce a job. Okay I guess that isn’t entirely accurate, as I was hired as a social media consultant for a small business, but that’s it, and that was just for a single consultation.

(For future reference: Please disregard the below remarks once I actually have some work experience.)

It would seem as though the current job market is better suited to those with more…what’s the word…experience. I guess that will just about always be the case, but if you ask me, experience comes with too many strings attached. It is my contention that I would be a better hire than someone who’s been in the field for ________(enter amount of time here).

To begin with, someone who has years of experience will cost more to put on the payroll than I would. They may feel that they are worth more than the starting salary, but I certainly don’t! They may claim to have learned some tricks of the trade, but I say I’m untarnished and brand new. I have a very low price tag and come with some assembly required, but think about it…an organization gets to put me together however they want me! I am as moldable as a lump of clay.

Conversely, if an organization goes out and hires someone who has been working for a couple years, they may end up with either damaged goods or an overpriced product. An individual who has been working somewhere for a while will not only expect to get paid more than I do, they will likely bring at least some bad habits with them. They may feel that they know the best way to do something in particular, when in fact they just know how to do what they were taught at wherever their last gig was. I can be added to a team or organization that can then show me exactly how to do things that I don’t know.

And finally, while I’m still young and naive an idealist, M. Candidatewithyearsofexperience is probably at least somewhat jaded. If I learned anything from John Grisham (…yes, I admit to having read Grisham), it’s that you’re only wet behind the ears once. Generally it goes as follows: you finish school, look for a job, enter your chosen field, etc. One thing leads to another, and by the end of the book you’re fed up with working, probably stuck in the middle of some murder-for-hire/embezzlement/corporate wrongdoing scenario, and ready to get out. Of course by then, you’re also fabulously rich, own a boat, and are on your way to the Caymans, so you just leave. Anyway, I’m not there yet. I believe in stories. In sharing stories. In sharing information.

Nobody wants to hire someone who’s just trying to earn enough money to take off, buy a yacht, and stash their cash in off-shore bank accounts, right? That doesn’t benefit anyone. Instead, hire me right now! Low price, all new features, low usage, runs great…all in all a wonderful investment opportunity. Invest! Invest in me. Get me into a setting that needs some fresh blood…someone with a new perspective. Help me help you – give me a job and I will literally do your work for you! (Please give me a job, that is.)

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